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*In order for this form to be submitted, please accept the following terms and conditions below: Members must be aware of overwhelming supplier schedules and requests. Patience is required as depending on the product needed, pending and/or jobs in progress that the product may be delivered or complete 2 to 6 weeks after your initial order. Warranties on workmanship and product vary and materials vary and will be discussed during the purchase. Please contact for full terms and conditions. Prices are non negotiable. is an addition to your membership, providing more value for your initial investment. nor Cachet Partners Group Inc. do not guarantee the lowest price though do provide exceptional results and prides itself on its workmanship and reputation. Serious requests will be accepted. *Allow up to 72 hours for a response to your request. Please contact/call Cachet Partners Group Inc. to confirm your request submission and appointment. If you do not accept these terms, contact

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